We're Gigantes
The staff here at Gigante Bay is friends before anything.  We have an old saying that goes with this almost island like mentality and it’s “if you got to Gigante then you deserve to be here”.  The roads used to be at times impassable or the directions unintelligible providing a small beach community almost off the map to the rest of Nicaragua to be the destination unobtainable.  We are your family, your home on the road or that conversation waiting to happen before you discover your next step on the path.MEET US!
BLASS...Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al recorrer.

About Us

NICA 2012 7 MG 1990
Only the Facts Man

Some of us old and others are new, this body of staff here at the beach has come together with the same goal and that’s to work a lifestyle they love.  We are like the friends you meet at the hostel who just got there before you and know all the secrets to the spot.  We love our Job and that reflects in our service. We truly all become friend when we catch waves together, eat and drink together and share a perfect sunset that turns our dream´s eye into a waking reality together.  The team we’ve put together at Gigante Bay consists of some of the coastlines oldest fisherman and surfers to ensure your ocean experience is the best possible.  Our kitchen, bar and hostel staff have been with us for years and without English, can tell you the specials that make us special.  We belong here because we care.  We watched this town grow wings and now it’s time to fly.  Gaze from above on your adventures here with us to help give you the perspective of self that lets the sunlight in and the rush to leave out. Work with us to relax or rev it up because our work defines our purpose.