We're Gigantes
The staff here at Gigante Bay is friends before anything.  We have an old saying that goes with this almost island like mentality and it’s “if you got to Gigante then you deserve to be here”.  The roads used to be at times impassable or the directions unintelligible providing a small beach community almost off the map to the rest of Nicaragua to be the destination unobtainable.  We are your family, your home on the road or that conversation waiting to happen before you discover your next step on the path.MEET US!
BLASS...Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al recorrer.

About Us

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Only the Facts Man

Some of us old and others are new, this body of staff here at the beach has come together with the same goal and that’s to work a lifestyle they love.  We are like the friends you meet at the hostel who just got there before you and know all the secrets to the spot.  We love our Job and that reflects in our service. We truly all become friend when we catch waves together, eat and drink together and share a perfect sunset that turns our dream´s eye into a waking reality together.  The team we’ve put together at Gigante Bay consists of some of the coastlines oldest fisherman and surfers to ensure your ocean experience is the best possible.  Our kitchen, bar and hostel staff have been with us for years and without English, can tell you the specials that make us special.  We belong here because we care.  We watched this town grow wings and now it’s time to fly.  Gaze from above on your adventures here with us to help give you the perspective of self that lets the sunlight in and the rush to leave out. Work with us to relax or rev it up because our work defines our purpose. 

Our Staff
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AKA.Tonkie or Captain america


“Woof I did it again!!


  • Pizza
  • Paintball
  • Pool
  • Pusty (a unique game of hide and seek in Gigante)
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Sofana Arce

The Front Woman with all the Fun. So Fabulous and so delicious. All her cooking is the crippy, baked and baking, loves to giggle and truly adorable.


“That’s what I was saying”


  • Back gammon
  • Jet Ski Jumping
  • Cooking with Magic
  • Lovemaking
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John Eames

This CEO is a Hippy Undercover. Surf wax over purtruely and Family above all. We appreciate this opportunity to serve, welcome.


“Dormirste Bien”


  • Managua Rally Cars
  • Boxing
  • Cuddling
  • Ice Skating

Robbie Plath

Captain Rob brings the finest of Florida sport fishing to Playa Gigante. A true waterman both on land and sea. Stocked


“We almost caught a huge one”


  • Fishing
  • Fishing
  • Drinking
  • Fishing

Gonzo Gomez

Gonzo brings a little bit of Peruvian flavor to the bunch. Loves his Paninis but really came here for sustainable fishing.


“Everything comes from Peru”


  • Tonka
  • Nature
  • Lucia
  • Paninis
IMG 1506


Always working' hard, either on the water or at the hostel


“Big wave”


  • Surfing
  • Surfing
  • Slackline
  • Arm Wrestling
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Banjo the traveling pitbull

The newest and cutest addition to the Gigante family.


“Can I lick your feet?”


  • Sleeping in dirt
  • Sneaking into the kitchen
  • Ankle biting
  • Hanging out with Rita


Our German Friend.




  • Nature
  • Chilling with friends
  • Family time
  • Dreaming


Milton | 11.10.14

"Its been a fantastic experience and journey with you all. You have all become brothers and sisters. I can not wait to see you all again."

As soon as I walked in I noticed the atmosphere...
Rob Guest | 2.29.12

“There were kids skating the half pipe and I was right on the beach. I liked the music too. The best was the menu. It was different then anything else on the beach.” (All said in his Irish accent)

So glad I stopped by....
Charles...  | 8.10.12

Everything here is unspoiled, beginning  with the trees and the beach all the way to the people, the staff....f the ocean.... Everyone was nice, sincere and easy going. Surf lessons were smooth fun and friendly. What started as a programed stop became the place where I will be coming back in a couple of months. That was not programmed!!

Charles, Quebec

From the first time I came here...
Wil, Martin | 7.2.12

From the first time I came here I knew I wasin trouble!! Every single person was genuinely friendly. Everything was beautiful and next thing I knew I was hooked. Have been coming back ever since and guess what, it only gets better! up to the point that now I only find one problem with Gigante Bay....that is my own inability to find the strength to leave everytime I´m here.

Wil, San Jose, Costa Rica

The food alone is worth the trip...
Noemie, Quebec  8.15.12

The smell from the kitchen was a fantastic preview into the nights delicious food. When the power went out well after ten the drinks and conversation just got better, then the lights came back and it all continued. The glow of the music bridged any cultural gaps and we drank as one.

image image image image
Charity 1

Gigante Bay gives back in the way that keeps Nica naturally Nicaragua. Lets walk together, side by side and always in good conversation of love and compassion.

Let us sit and observe, the air moving across our lips, gentle and cool. We work for water, health and learning. You drink, breath and grow. This country is beautiful in so many ways. The people here know loss and forgiveness, as we should learn understanding and generosity. Look up at the stars and ask for something, it might not come but then again it might, remember now you’ve planted the seed.


Friends also of the animals. Gigante host’s turtles, crocodiles, ex-pats and more. We are small and working as one. Lets extend our hand and gift ourselves the most valuable gift ever, servitude. Help where we can and ask if we need.

Charity 2

The first game of the season and the Si a la vida no a las drogas team out of gigante looks a little nervous.  The 9 player team of 9-12 year old kids didn't have much practising gear to prepare for what was coming today.  There opponent today wasn't just the well fitted Guacalito Isla team put together by the largest development on the Nicaragua coast line but rather the attitude of a sportsman while staring into the eyes of disadvantage. 

  Steve Russell with Gigante Bay and coach Jorge Bartola disabled that disadvantage with gear to properly practice and the direction to do it well.  Coach Jorge met with Sofana Arce from Gigante Bay during the first game of the season to hand over the bats, gloves, balls, helmets, and other gear donated by long time baseball ethusiest Steve Russell.  Steve has been visiting Nicaragua for years to build up the Rivas club and outfit small pueblo teams for more serious play and professional feel for the game. 
  Nicaragua and North America have had their differences but baseball isn't one of them.  Nicaragua has supplied the big leagues with players such as Everth Cabrera and Vicente Padilla and there's more to follow with people like Steve supplying the gear for a better game.
   The final score of fun to more fun had us smile at the Si a la vida, no a las drogas vs Gucalito isla game. The future is for the kids who learn how to work as a team and enjoy the game. Thank you Steve and Jorge for giving us the opportunity to be a part of something so great like baseball.

Charity 3

Planting Pachotes at the local eliminatory school was a metaphor for the kids in the form of young trees that have such great potential to grow big strong and direct.

Sofana's farm had been collecting hard woods for months in their efforts for reforestation on Nicaraguan's south Pacific side.  Pachote is a grand tree that grows very large and straight, the wood is incredibly hard but still workable and they have been logged for decades because of these qualities.  We were getting the saplings from either the department of forestry in managua or the Guacalito nursery that was also a branch of the same department.  The sapling were strong and hungry for a future, life and destination even if it sounded as simple as up.  It was in moving thousands of these little trees that we thought of the Kids of Gigante, their future and the importance of trees in their tomorrow.  We contacted Bo and Andrew from Waves of Optimism to help with the coordination because they were already running a full fledged gardening project with the kids at the elementary school on the Old Road.  We showed up with Sofana, Wil, Yamil and Miguel to help with the planting and the stars of the show, 10 beautiful 3 foot high Pachote saplings.  We all worked together to find the best locations, dig the holes, plant the trees and then talk a little about their importance.  We spent time with the kids and learned along side their purity and energy, always so much to learn from all and everything.  We will be back to check on trees and grow along with them.  Strong broad leaves pointing to the sun like the kids and their open arms, up we will go, go together and breath the unity we found in this simple understanding of breath and the air we share.

Charity 4

We are here to help.  Some of our neighbors have been doing a great job on making this a better Gigante.

Waves of Optimism a.k.a. WOO have been here since my first days in the community.  They set out to create transportation to this otherwise isolated beach pueblo.  Adam on the ground here at the beach worked hard in organizing the census, determining the aim, getting it together and seeing it through.  The bus runs to this day transporting kids to and from school along with another visitors on a budget and in need.  WOO has gone on to work with the Pellas Project to build a community center where they can receive doctors for health affairs, plan events and meet as peoples interested in their future.  Hats off to you Bo and the rest of WOO for walking the hard walk and doing so much.  We stand behind you the entire way.