Oh Gigante Bay

Dan’s been volunteering with us on the Gigante Bay maintenance team for three week now.  Here’s his insight on the place he now calls home:

Oh Gigante Bay, where have you been all my life? A tiny dirt road brought me here, instantly I was mesmerized by the naked beach and cascading waves. This little bamboo hostel nestled in a lush green canopy was about to become home.

The sound of our house parrots synced perfectly with the sound of the ocean. The stillness in the air brought me peace of mind and happiness. The beauty of Gigante is in its simplicity, sort of like the unintentional cool kid in the class. Never tries too hard and stays true to itself, much like the backpacker community it has drawn.

The people of Gigante are a special breed, never in a rush, always smiling and embracing. It feels almost like a vacuum which sucks you in and day by day you start feel the culture seep into your body. Every salty shower, every Toña, every crashing wave the fresh sea air seeps into your lungs, the fine grained sand sticks to your feet and then it hits you. I live in fucking paradise.

7:30 comes you wake up. Yes there is sand in your bed and yes you are still in last night’s dirty clothes and no you don’t even consider changing them. Time for yoga, let us salute the sun while we examine the mosquito assault from the previous night as our body contorts to the sound of the ocean.

Of course life in paradise is not free, let us work for 4 hours – maybe someone needs to take the horses to the beach, or paint a blank canvas or just maybe you have a beer and wash some rocks. Yes, my first day I did wash the sand off of rocks to put them back into pile of sand…it’s a great looking rock garden.

Maybe you test your luck on the surfboard in the shockingly tranquil and undisturbed Playa Amarillo, the Nicas are endlessly carving up waves with ease and simplicity. You are trying not to drown – if there is one word I can use to describe learning surfing it would be humbling. Slowly you progress, maybe you stand up and you realize for those few hours your mind is completely at ease, your mind is present and all your thoughts are washed away.

As the sun begins to lower behind the green and rocky landscape you can’t help but simply be in awe. Before you know it, a deep fiery orange lights up the sky: yes there will be Instagrams of this sunset every day. Strangely enough, every day it is unique and everyday you will be amazed, happy and fulfilled.

Then maybe you have a moment and you realize, this my Gigante, this is my life.