Gigante Bay


Gigante Bay is that secret spot that you will never understand unless you come here and experience it for yourself. The mixture of locals, expats and surfers who either stay or pass through, come together with the same goal; to live and work a lifestyle they always dreamed of. Before you know it, you become friends with everyone who will tell you all the secrets you need to know. Together as a family we surf, eat, drink & share a perfect sunset each day in Gigante Bay.

Come and be part of it!

How to get here

Playa Gigante is located on the southern Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. It’s about a one hour drive north from San Juan Del Sur, two hours south from Managua, 20 minutes south of Popoyo, or half hour west of Rivas. We are also only a 30 minute walk from the famous surf break Playa Colorado.


There’s a public bus in the afternoons from Rivas to Playa Gigante, Monday to Friday, which brings you right into town; contact us for current timings. Other buses also leave almost hourly from Rivas heading north to Salinas. These buses can drop you at the turn off to Playa Gigante for about $1 USD (30 Cordobas). From there, you can either hitchhike or walk the 3 miles into town.

Once in Playa Gigante

Gigante Bay is at the southern end of Gigante Beach. Just turn left when you come into town and keep walking till the end! Ask someone in town, everybody knows where we are. If you call ahead, we may be able to pick you up from Rivas or arrange a taxi from the bus stop outside of town.

Tel: 505-8743-5699

”Gigante Bay stemmed from the original Cali boys living the dream surfing beautiful waves in an awesome place. The pirate ship has lengthened and now we’re fishing, sailing, leaping and doing pirate yoga. We are voyaging forward through strengthening our natural living and cultural understanding.

Enjoy with us our newfound home and root style living.
-John Eames, Founder. Gigante Bay-