8 Surf Spots Near Gigante Bay

Camino del Gigante Hostel is conveniently located walking, boating, and driving distance away from some of Nicaragua’s world renowned surf spots. Weather you are looking for a mellow longboarding wave, or you want to get the barrel of your life, you can be at your dream peak in anywhere from 5-45 minutes. The diversity of the southern Nicaraguan coastline creates point breaks, reef breaks, beach breaks, and rivermouth breaks for the advanced ripper, the beginner surfer, and everywhere in between. Here are just 8 of the most consistent surf spots nearby.


Playa Amarillo: Just a 10 minute walk from the hostel. This wave is best at a mid-high tide. It can provide a great beginner wave at the south end of the beach, and a barrelling right or left a little further north. Amarillo is a rocky beach break for all levels with public beach access.

Playa Manzanillo: Because this beach is generally privately owned, Manzanillo is only accessible by boat. From the hostel, it takes about 10 minutes in our panga to take you to this peeling left point break. This break works best at a mid-high tide on a Southwest swell. When it is turned on, you can get some of the longest lefts of your life here.

Playa Colorado: A beach break with shifty lefts and rights that work best on an incoming mid tide. Although the lineup here can be crowded at times, it is well worth the wait when you catch a perfect Colorado’s barrel. Colorado’s is a 10 minute drive, a 5 minute boat ride, or a beautiful 45 minute hike through the trees away from the hostel.

Panga Drops: Just a ten minute walk north of Playa Colorado is a deep water horseshoe reef break called Panga Drops. Panga drops has a tendency to work best at a lower tide, but it is surfable at any tide. Panga drops will magnify any swell, it provides lefts and rights, and it is hardly ever crowded. We love cruising to Panga’s on our catamaran and anchoring for a session.

Playgrounds: About a 45 minute boat ride away from the hostel. This break is aptly named for its playful and easily ripable open faced lines. Some would compare this wave to Trestles in California. This wave is great for beginners and advanced surfers. It works best at a chest high to double overhead swell.

Astillero: Astillero is a river mouth break that creates long walling lefts, and more gentle rights. You can get here by boat, or you can drive and park right in front of the wave. Astillero works best on a mid tide, and despite the picture above, it is known for its murky water.


Playa Santana: Playa Santana is known for its consistency and wave quality. It is a wedgy beach break that can be punchy when the wave is small and barrels for days when it is big. This break tends to get crowded, but there are a lot of waves to share.

Playa MaderasPlaya Maderas is a very consistent beach break with three different peaks. It breaks best at a mid-high tide, and it is surrounded by beautiful rock formations and outcoves. From the hostel, you can get to Playa Maderas in about 45 minutes by boat.